Daniel was in the Lion’s den. Other outstanding leaders in the Bible went
down but were later elevated. When Christ died, He went down and on
the third day He was lifted up in the Glory and Power of God. So shall it
be unto you in Jesus Name.
Peter was not the only one with a Boat but the Grace of God was upon
him such that Jesus entered his own. There was a woman of 90 years in
the bible that Jesus blessed with a child. There were younger women but
it pleased God to give her the fruit of the womb. That is THE GRACE OF
GOD. The Lord will make you escape, triumph and be victorious over all
your enemies. Promotion, miracle of appointed time and elevation will
locate you in the name of Jesus Christ. After you have prayed and fasted,
you need the Grace of God with petition in humility because Grace
means unmerited favour from God. Acknowledge that you do not merit
it and reject the spirit of self-righteousness and the Grace of God will be
upon you.
Remember the story of Joseph, from prison to palace? That is what the
Grace of God can do. The Grace of God made Joseph fulfil his purpose
through his brothers who sold him. In turn, he helped his brethren, his
father and whole family to feed themselves regardless of their actions
towards him. The grace of God will set you apart and cause you to move
to the next level. Seek Him today and may his grace abide with you in
Jesus name.
Remain blessed in the Lord!
Apostle Matthew Oluwajoba (CUMI-General Overseer)