Right/Good Father

Mosses returned back to the Israelites after he went up to take the commandments from God. But it tarred for a while, about 40 years. The Israelites became very uncomfortable with the absence of Moses. They thought that Moses has abounded them behind. So they agitated their minds to Aaron and demanded to make a craft mode image of god, that will help them to get to the promised land. Ex 3: 10. But God spoke to Moses about the decision of his people. God said to Moses, go back to your people for they has committed abomination by making and worshipping a craft gold image man made god. God was very furious about that, and vowed to plot their name out of the book of life.

When Moses confronted Aaron about that. Aaron’s response was that his people requested for their own god. Moses went to make atonement, and pleaded guilty to God almighty for forgiveness. But if not, let his name be plotted out of the book of living. God vowed to plot out the name of everyone who sinned against Him, by worshipping another God. Ex 12: 8. Moses was indeed a right/good father.

When the children of Israelite left Egypt, mixed multitudes followed them. That’s what makes majority of them not to get to the promised land. May God not allow mixed multitudes to follow us, in Jesus Christ Name. I want also to emphasize that some women are equally good father, because they are as well, playing Father’s roles. Doing marvelous things in their respective categories. Such as Naomi and Ruth, in the Bible.

So many men who abounded there Father’s responsibilities and has not contributed to the up brings of their children. But are enjoying from where they have not sowed. Such men are not right/good fathers.

TO BE A RIGHT/GOOD FATHER; You must have the ability to build security for your family.


  1. You must make provisions for your family, incase you are not there ( Materially, Spiritually and physically)
  2. Ability to plan for their bright futures. Everyone has three fathers; Biological, Spiritual and Heavenly father. Biological father might make a mistake, Spiritual father will correct it, the Spiritual father might equally make a mistake then the Heavenly father will correct it.
  3. Exercise discipline for the children; Discipline is very vital in children’s up brings. Because if you don’t discipline them. Instead of bringing grace and honor, they will bring disgrace and dishonor into the family. “A rock doesn’t become a beautiful sculpture if it resists the pains of the chisel chipping it away ” For us to become a beautiful sculpture and a successful human being, we need to accept admonitions that chisel out the bad habits and behaviour from ourselves.

That’s what a right/good father does when he disciplines us. The mother lift the child up on her waist to feed her/him, to cuddle her/him, and to put her to sleep. But the father is not like that. He lifts the child up on his shoulders to make him/her see the world that he couldn’t see. This is an example of mentorship.

  1. Ability to be tolerant with the children. Allow them to Express their feelings, even when they are saying nonsense, out of nonsense they might be some sense.
  2. Be a good example to the children Lk 9. Jesus Christ is a good example for us.
  3. Ability to provide Spiritual coverage; Father is a priest to the family. Bless them with your prayers. Don’t have favourite amongst them. If you have, don’t show it to them. You must make spiritual coverage to your household.

Prophecies good things into their lives. Jn 6: 1-end. Prayer goes a very long way. Finally, when you are blessing them, they will flourish in life, in Jesus Christ Name. “AMEN ”