Our Pastors

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.


General Overseer

Apostle Matthew Oluwajoba is the General Overseer of Christ United Ministries International formerly known as Christ United Pentecostal Ministries; the President of the Liberty World Outreach (L.W.O) and the President for the City Changers International with headquarters in the city of Houston Texas, United States.


Acting Minister In Charge

Pastor Sam Ayodele Awonlaogun is a man approved of God with a divine mandate to liberate mankind by the light of God’s Word with simplified Kingdom messages & Kingdom Principles that will enable mankind to connect back to God in order to walk in the light of life and escape the emptiness of darkness.

He is a life management consultant using biblical principles and kingdom doctrine, He is a teacher of God’s word with uncompromising stand on the validity of truth to our contemporary world.


Director of Operations CUMI Global

Jide-David Modede is a Pastor of Christ United Ministries Int’l and the Director General of Operations Christ United Ministries Int’l.

J-D Modede is a prolific speaker, Engineer, IT Consultant, Business & Leadership Consultant and the Chief Executive Officer of Flying High Consulting Ltd.  He has delivered leadership development programmes with on-going consulting responsibilities to organizations, governments and business leadership organisations in the US, Europe, Nigeria, Rwanda, Burundi, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa and also the EAC (East African Community secretariat).



Blessed Modede is a pastor and the Leader of the women’s ministry :Women of Virtue. She also runs a clinic for waiting and expectant mothers called Faith Clinic.

She delights in people’s Joy and helps people achieve their goals. She also ministers to the privileged particularly children. She has a passion for addressing social issues of marriage, divorce and singleness through an arm of the organisation called His & Hers.

Blessed is happily married to Pastor JD Modede with three biological children and many spiritual children.