Youth Church (12-24 Years)


The Youth Ministry aims to build and empower a generation of men and women, Holy Spirit-filled, living and impacting their world according to the principles of the Kingdom of God – as laid down by Jesus Christ. This generation will become the basis and the driving force for a new community that conforms to God’s original idea.

Our goals

  • Fellowship
  • Purpose Discovery
  • Bible Study
  • Building Christian Values
  • Annual Youth Conference
  • Variety of monthly programmes

The Youth Church

Liberated Stars

Youth aged between 12 and 17 inclusive.

Service Times:
Liberated Stars every Sunday 9:30 to 12pm.

Contact Team Leaders are

Email address:-

New Generation Church

Youth aged between 18 and 24 inclusive.

Zoom fellowship 3rd and 4th Thursdays in the month.

7pm to 8pm

Zoom details for NGC fellowship

Meeting ID : 815 7946 6234
Passcode: LHNEWGEN

Contact Team Leaders are

Email address

I enjoy attending the youth services because I like how they make the topics in the bible relatable to people of my age. It really has impacted the way I think knowing that i will actually be in situations similar to that, and the sessions have inspired me to read my bible more, so I can find out what God says for myself.


Liberated Stars

Attending the services has helped me grow spiritually closer to God. I have learned key qualities required of a Christian and how to better myself.


Liberated Stars

Attending youth services at CUMI has been amazing! Being in an atmosphere with young people who love the lord as much as I do is a breathtaking experience. It’s also nice having leaders who push you to want for the things of God.


New Generation