Leadership Team

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.


Acting Minister In Charge

Pastor Sam Ayodele Awonlaogun is a man approved of God with a divine mandate to liberate mankind by the light of God’s Word with simplified Kingdom messages & Kingdom Principles that will enable mankind to connect back to God in order to walk in the light of life and escape the emptiness of darkness.


Director of Operations CUMI Global

Jide-David Modede is a Pastor of Christ United Ministries Int’l and the Director General of Operations Christ United Ministries Int’l.



Blessed Modede is a pastor and the Leader of the women’s ministry :Women of Virtue. She also runs a clinic for waiting and expectant mothers called Faith Clinic.

She delights in people’s Joy and helps people achieve their goals. She also ministers to the privileged particularly children. She has a passion for addressing social issues of marriage, divorce and singleness through an arm of the organisation called His & Hers.

Blessed is happily married to Pastor JD Modede with three biological children and many spiritual children.


Head of Finance

Ade is the Head of Finance. She is a seasoned public speaker and her passion is to lead and teach on effectively managing resources for maximum impact.


Head of Gospel Ministries

Frankin Ukandu is the Head of Gospel Ministries. He is a believer of the Gospel of the kingdom of God through His only son Jesus .

He has been a member of CUMI Liberty House since he moved from London to Northampton a few years back . He served in the Ushering Department for a while before moving to project department as an associate minister, during which he served as the coordinator of Gospel fest 2008 and over the years have served in various committees and events.

Frankin is grateful to God for blessing him with my lovely wife Ogechi and three beautiful boys.


Head of Gospel Ministries

Brenda is an associate Head of Gospel Ministry.  She has been a member of Cumi Liberty House since moving to Northampton from Norfolk in 2007.

She is a Secretary of the WOV and has helped in organising and running the yearly WOV conferences, women weekend getaways,  breakfast meetings and ongoing monthly Night vigils. She also is a prayer partner in Faith Clinic as she herself received the miracle fruit of the womb  11yrs ago after Doctors had deemed her infertile.
Her passion is on spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ  through her sense of humour and easy to understand  teachings on the word of God.

Brenda is married to her loving husband Webster and the couple is blessed with 3 daughters.


Head of Operation

Debbie Bamiro is the associate minister in charge of Operations Ministry. A ministry arm of CUMI Liberty House Northampton.

Debbie is a teacher, a minister, and a missionary who is passionate about equipping young people for life in order to fulfil their God given mandate. In addition, she runs: www.devotions4you.org a devotional website aimed at helping Christians ‘feed’ their spirit with the word of God.

Debbie is also the chairperson of Devotions4you Foundation a charity whose mission is to clothe, feed and educate less privileged children in developing countries.

Debbie lives in Northamptonshire England with her family.


Head of  Mission

Susan Benjamin is the Head of Mission. She is also a Member of intercessory department and the founder of Bethany international house for children. She has a great passion to pray for those who are in bondage.


Head of Deacons

Deacon Jackson Mazivanhanga has been part of CUMI from 2002, was assigned to serve as deacon on the 23rd of May 2010.He is chairman of the council of deacons and secretary for the men’s fellowship at CUMI Liberty House, Northampton.
He is responsible for organising monthly breakfast meetings and events pertaining to men. Happily married to Juliet, and passionate about establishing the Kingdom of God on earth.
He is also a keen Kingdom oriented poet. One of his poems “THIS IS US” was well received when he presented it to members of Liberty House.
As God gives the grace he plans to produce a book on Kingdom poems.


Head of  Project Team

Deaconess Ola Oluwatayo is the Head of Project and Mission Ministry – with responsibility for church building projects, recurring project as well as the planning and delivery of seminars and conventions.



Ope Alli is the Head of Administration ministry and She also assists the church in aligning its priorities and resources toward accomplishing its vision and mission. Her passion is to encourage people and to see everyone around her happy and fulfilled in serving God with their gifts.

She is married with wonderful children.