His & Hers


His & Hers is an ENRICHMENT forum for singles, those courting/dating, engaged, married, separated, widowed and divorced to have an effective life and successful experience in all relationships resulting in a healthy society. Its content is based on Kingdom principles and its applications.

His & Hers is a training and seminar outlet 

1. Provide Kingdom principles and applications for successful relationships.
2. Provide insight into the state of singleness, courting/dating, married, separated, widowed and divorced.
3. Rediscover God’s purposes for males and females.
4. Rediscover the uniqueness of the marriage institution.
5. Provide seminars and retreats for empowering male and female for effective function
6. Provide counsel for those proposing a life-long marriage relationship and tools for dealing with conflicts within relationship.
7. Provide insight on the impact of healthy family relationships on our nations.

HIS & HERS host are JD & Lady Blessed Modede