Resumption of In-Premises Church Services

The best place to seek general coronavirus (COVID-19) updates and information is via the UK Government website at the following links: Click here for the latest Government Coronavirus (COVID-19) information

Following the publication of the Government’s Covid-19 Update Guidelines, including permission for the resumption of public worship.

The leadership of CUMI Liberty House would like to commend every member of the Church for your exceptional resilience and demonstration of faith in God throughout this season of unprecedented global challenge.

You have chosen to remain focused on God, participated in the range of online services to strengthen your walk with Him and continue to contribute in a diversity of ways to supporting our local communities through the challenge.

As the UK government’s strategy has moved into the easing of the national lockdown due to Covid-19, we continue to monitor the ongoing developments with respect to an appropriate time when CUMI Liberty House can resume live physical services from our premises.

We would like to assure all our members, visitors and stakeholders that the date for the resumption of in-premises worship services will be based on establishing robust health and safety measures aimed at safeguarding the health and wellbeing of all attendees at the services. 

Communal worship can continue at places of worship.

As part of our efforts to facilitate your health and safety on the premises, the following measures will be put in place when physical worship services resume:


1. Pre – Registration:

You will be required to register to attend each Service. This is to ensure that we are fully prepared for the maximum number of the people that the building can accommodate based on the social distancing guidelines. All registrants will go through validation before being allowed to attend the service.

Please do NOT come to the Church premises if you have not pre-registered, as regrettably you will not be allowed into the building. Instead, please enjoy the online service from your home. We aim to make the services as enriching and enjoyable for those participating online as for those on the premises.

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2. At Risk Persons:

If you are classified as an at-risk person due to your age (70 years and above) or with underlying health conditions, we would like to encourage you to stay at home and continue to enjoy the worship services from the comfort of your home.


3. Children’s Church:

The Children’s Church services will resume with the main service and each child will need to be registered to attend along with their parents / guardians before coming.


4. Social Distancing:

Following the government guidelines, all attendees will be required to maintain the required minimum distance (presently 1M+ to 2M) between yourself and those who are not of the same household when you are in the premises.


5. Temperature Check:

Your temperature will be checked using a  thermometer. If your temperature is above the normal range (36.5 – 37.5 °C or 97.7 – 99.5 °F), you will not be granted entry and be asked to return home.

Also, if you have symptoms of Covid-19, please do not come to the premises. Instead, contact your doctor and follow the requisite medical advice you are given.


6. Hand Sanitisers:

Upon entry into the building, you will be required to use hand sanitiser at the entrance. There will also be several hand sanitiser locations around the building for your use.


7. Cleaning and Disinfection:

All main touch points in the building will be regularly cleaned with approved cleaning agents. The premises will also be properly fumigated before and after services.


8. Personal Protective Equipment:

The workers who will be serving you will use appropriate personal protective equipment such as hand gloves and face masks. We encourage you to bring your face mask/Personal protective cover with you has it is required to attend the service.

If you come to the premises with your hand gloves on, you will be required to dispose of it, disinfect your hands with hand sanitiser and if you require it, wear new hand gloves we provide.


9. Cooperation with Instructions:

We ask that you please follow the precise instructions of the teams serving you (e.g. Ushers, Sanctuary keepers, Facilities Teams etc.) for seating in the auditoriums, using the facilities and for leaving the premises, to ensure that we all adhere to the social distancing requirements and other measures for protecting your health.


10. The government’s position on the lockdown continues to evolve and we will endeavour to reflect the guidance received in our plans where appropriate.

This guidance is written to offer support in enabling church buildings to be opened safely for public
worship and has been adapted from published Government Guidance for use by CUMI Liberty House. For our full guidance click here