The Lord Jesus possesses all power and authority, Matthew 28:18, Col 2:10, Rev5:9. He has delivered this into our hands as His children – John 1:12, Rom 8:29-30, Acts 1:8. Jesus has given us power over unclean spirit, to cast them out and to heal the sick of all kinds of infirmities and has also given us the kingdom of His Father—Rom 8:16-17.

Brethren, remember all authority in heaven and on earth is His and He has bestowed it upon all who believe. A King was born for your sake, and just as He has fulfilled His purpose so must you also fulfil your purpose here on earth. You need to surrender your life totally to Him for He came because of you that you may live a life of purpose. Pray today for Him to reveal that purpose to you and for guidance to walk in His ways as you embark on this journey of ‘Fulfilment of purpose’.

Remain blessed in the Lord!